Christopher Roberts

When Christopher Roberts stepped into the café, I had no idea he was on a journey to discovery that would soon lead to this beautiful painting.  A watercolor artist from Salem, Illinois, Chris set up shop across the street after learning about the café and its story.  The product of his creativity now hangs in the café.  I am grateful for his inspiration, kindness, and talent for bringing the café story to life through watercolors.

In recognition of Chris’s support for the café mission, Peace of Quiche is committing 100% of the proceeds from the sale of his painting notecards to “Bread for the World,” an organization that fights world hunger.  More about Chris can be found at his website,  Thank you, Chris!

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A recent review
* of Chris’s work captures the magic of his craft:

When painting, he has trained himself to focus on the story and not on creating fine art. Chris’ landscapes document the wonderful places hidden in plain sight, places you may walk or drive by without a second thought. Beautiful vignettes of everyday Americana are brought to life in his own playful and exuberantly skilled manner to tell their stories.

…painting a picture, at least for me because I paint places, is about discovery. I think as adults, we get so hurried trying to go from point A to point B, we don’t notice things that we’re passing every day. We stop discovering places, we stop noticing places. In order to paint a place you have to go there, you have to visit the place, you have to get to know the place, you have to understand how it’s put together. So, painting a picture invites you to, I guess, come back to the childhood joy of discovery.” (Chris Roberts, from his “Why Paint a Picture?” DVD)

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